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Introducing The Unwritten Disability and Abuse Survey

It’s been a tough few weeks for women, femmes and all those of marginalised genders who have experienced abuse at the hands of men.

Out of all of the hurt and pain however has come a new battle cry, a demand that we will not be treated like this again. But, unfortunately it’s something that disabled people have been largely left out of.

Last week we published the amazing article by Melissa Parker Disabled Women Are The Sexual Epidemic No One Talks About and something that massively resonated was the idea that:

“Disabled women have not had a #MeToo moment… Our voice has been muted”

So we’re planning to change that (keep your eyes peeled) but in the meantime, we need your help.

Today, we’re launching The Unwritten Disability and Abuse Survey, which will help us research how disabled people have been affected by different forms of abuse.

This survey is open to all marginalised genders. The survey will be used as part of research for an upcoming campaign.

To protect you, responses can be anonymous, and names will not be used in any published findings without prior consent even if you click that you don’t wish to be anon.

We will not be requiring emails to complete the survey but if you’d like to keep in touch and be involved please leave your email at the end.

In order to get as wide a sample as possible, we’d appreciate if you shared this far and wide.

Please practice self care throughout this campaign, you don’t have to share if you don’t want to or don’t feel able to do so.

The survey deadline has now been extended until 06/04/2021.

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By Rachel Charlton-Dailey

Founder and Editor in Chief

3 replies on “Introducing The Unwritten Disability and Abuse Survey”

I was abused as an infant in hospital (because of a rare impairment). I know 2 others who were abused in hospital as children and saw other children actually murdered. I know 2 blind women abused as adults; both were targeted by men who moved in, or created a close relationship and then stole, physically abused and stalked. I used to train people about safeguarding disabled children and heard countless stories of their abuse.

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