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A Disabled and Neurodivergent Creators Gift Guide

With the end-of-the-year just around the corner, many of us are puzzling over a list of presents to give our favourite people.

At this time of year, it’s far too easy to fall prey to the marketing tricks of big companies and hand over all your hard-earned cash to the 1% who use it as pocket change. To help you avoid this and funnel your money back into the disabled and neurodivergent communities and small businesses, The Unwritten has compiled a list of some amazing creators who are selling their wares this winter. 


Kicking us off is crocheter and Unwritten writer Shona Louise, who is based in England. She designs and creates vibrant crocheted designs and ships them right to your door in a matter of days. Shona’s designs include adorable rainbow bee keyrings, which you can get in various Pride colours, and a matching pin badge. Most recently, she has launched a series of precious Christmas decorations to spice up your tree!


Rana is a Black disabled artist who creates digital designs connected to chronic illness, anti-racism, self-love and mental health. Her vibrant designs are available on t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops. The New York-based artist also sells prints of her work and is currently open to commissions.  

Furniss Studios

John Furniss, who is based in the US, is a blind woodworker who creates a beautiful array of wooden creations, including bowls, cups, Christmas baubles and smartphone amplifiers! His current stock is sold out but new creations are incoming over the next fortnight, just in time for the holidays. 

Abi Stevens

Abi is a Cambridge-based illustrator who has ADHD and Chronic Migraine. Their work is hard to describe as it covers so much, from intricately designed Christmas cards and vibrant prints available as wrapping paper and leggings to personalised family crest designs. Abi also uses her experience with chronic illness to inspire work and has a wonderful range of pins available for chronic warriors all over the world. Any one of their products would be a happy surprise this Christmas!

The Happy Chappo

The Happy Chappo is a neurodivergent artist who sells their work on Etsy. Their bold prints and fantastical designs, including this excellent “fuck the patriarchy” creation, are available now as stickers, prints, postcards and pin badges. Their powerful designs will help rejuvenate even the most ardent winter-hater.

Autumn Aurelia 

Autumn is a queer, chronically ill jewellery designer. She makes whimsical acrylic jewellery for folks and her bold, original designs are available as necklaces and earrings. Some of her most memorable pieces include a series of rainbow-inspired necklaces and beautiful cloud earrings with tiny droplets of rain attached. Anyone lucky enough to receive one of her beautiful pieces this winter will surely be thrilled. 

Paw Prints by Claire

Illustrator Claire creates fun and quirky prints and stickers for all. The “spooniesaurus” also produces beautifully designed mental health care trackers and “self-care planners”. Claire is currently donating all proceeds from her self-care planner sales to Hope Crafts. They include a free ideas list of self-care options and affirmations, as well as a free rainbow sticker. A delightful addition to any stocking!

Lady Gabe

Hannah is an artist and “mental wellbeing enthusiast” whose work injects some much-needed colour into the world. With festive designs like her “Tree Rex” postcard on sale, her shop is the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s evening. 

Laura Charley Design

Laura Charley is a surface pattern designer and creative, whose work is a joyous injection of colour. Creating a wide range of patterns by hand, her work is available to buy as cards, jewellery, tote bags, fleece joggers and so much more. Her dazzling designs will surely be a welcome present to anyone eager for some light amidst the wintry darkness!

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, try searching Instagram with hashtags such as #DisabledCreator, #DisabledShopOwner, #DisabledArtist and more. Happy shopping!

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