About Us

The Unwritten is a publication for disabled people by disabled people. Telling their stories of success, struggle, life, love, loss and everything in between.

Our main aim is to give disabled people a platform without worrying if their lived experience is “newsworthy” or “heartwrenching” enough. Here your stories won’t be turned into inspiration or trauma p*rn.

We won’t define or constrain what disability means to you. All stories are welcome, be your disability physical, chronic illness, mental illness, intellectual, neurodiversity, vision or hearing impairments. 

Although disability is what we are about, we know how it can intersect and affect each and every aspect of our lives and identity. Sexuality, gender, race, religion, class, education. family, relationships. We want to hear those stories too. 

Here, disability is the norm, not inspiration.  You won’t ever see “little girl walks upstairs” videos. Here, disabled people are the focus, not their able-bodied parents. You won’t read stories by mums patting themselves on the back for looking after their own kids.

The Unwritten was founded by award-winning disabled journalist Rachel Charlton-Dailey, who aims to give other disabled people a voice and allow them to be heard. Her deputy editorial team Caroline McDonagh and Cath Poucher are also disabled writers, admin whizzes and all-round excellent women.  

Our editorial team as well as our writers and columnists will always be led by disabled people, we will also aim to work with only disabled creators.

We make paying our writers a priority. As an already marginalised group, we could never and would never in good conscience ask disabled people to write for free. To help us pay our writers, please visit the support us page.

Pitching is open on a rolling basis. You can find out everything you need to know on the pitch us page

We can’t wait to start this journey with you. In the meantime, come and chat to us on Twitter.

We can’t wait to share this journey with you, in the mean time come and chat with us on Twitte