How Waterloo Road is Normalising Disability in Mainstream Schools

Waterloo Road is back and more explosive than ever before. After seven years away, the BBC fan favourite high school soap has returned to our screens, tackling the issues of modern-day living that affect young people up and down the country. 

Something the show has always been at the forefront of though, compared to its counterparts is representing disability in a mainstream school setting. 

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Why the Rosie Jones Accessibility Backlash is Misplaced

Comedian Rosie Jones has made a name for herself on shows such as The Last Leg and Would I Lie To You?. Her unique style of self-depreciation has made her a household name in recent years and a particular favourite within the disabled community. Rosie has cerebral palsy and raises awareness of disability issues within her comedy. 

She recently came under fire when it was revealed that she occasionally performs in venues with little to no accessibility meaning that many disabled fans are unable to attend shows. 

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Conversations Around Poverty Need to Include Disabled People

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the many inequalities people face in the UK including living in poverty. As of February this year, a Social Market Foundation report found that 42% of families who rely on disability allowance are living in poverty due to a lack of government support and their catastrophic failure to protect the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Poverty can be categorised into social, economic and political factors that mean people are left without their basic needs being met. So why exactly are disabled people disproportionately affected?

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Line of Duty’s Tommy Jessop is Leading the way for Actors With Down Syndrome

Line Of Duty is one of, if not the biggest fictional crime drama in the UK. It follows AC-12, an anti-corruption unit investigating unlawful activities within the police force and stars the likes of Vicky McClure and Martin Compston however those familiar with the television series will also know long-serving cast member Tommy Jessop.

Tommy plays civilian character Terry Boyle who throughout the six series has been a victim of cuckooing, a term used to describe when drug dealers invade the homes of vulnerable individuals for criminal activity. 

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Sia’s ‘Music’ Golden Globe Nomination is a Stab in the Back for Disabled Performers

You may think that a film about a neurodiverse character being nominated for a Golden Globe is an incredible leap forward in terms of equality and diversity in the entertainment industry and you’d be correct, but Sia’s film ‘Music’ is rather the opposite.