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2022 is the Year of Disabled and Chronically ill Writers – 5 Book Recommendations

Reading is often considered a luxury, who has the time to devour a novel in a weekend when life demands so much of us, all of the time?

However as someone who can spend days in bed and weeks at home, books are just one way to pass the time, and enter another realm of reality, away from my own four walls. To read, whether that is a paperback, a kindle or an audio app, is to be consumed by something else, it can hold a mirror up to your own experiences, or provide insight into another’s. 

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What we get Wrong About Codependency in Disabled Relationships.

There is a rightful conversation in the mainstream right now, prompted by lockdown move-ins and partnership breakdowns, on the question of codependency. Ness Cooper, Sexologist and Relationship Coach, explains “An unhealthy co-dependent relationship is where individuals become psychologically dependent on their partner to the extent that mutual benefits, shared satisfaction and consent are out of the equation”. 

Similarly, fellow relationship expert Gurpreet Singh defines two clear roles in codependent partnerships, the ‘giver and the ‘taker. Cooper goes on to say that codependent romantic relationships remove individual autonomy, and cause individual identities to be lost.

However, matters are more complicated for disabled folx with non-disabled partners. I rely on my partner for food, help with personal hygiene and to keep our home clean. So is our relationship codependent?