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Virtually Perfect – Disabled Queer Dating in a Remote World

I was diagnosed with Tourettes’ Syndrome when I was 10, though my disorder first manifested many years previously. Over the interceding period I was diagnosed and re-diagnosed and prognosed by anyone and everyone around me.

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Love Shouldn’t be Conditional Because I’m Disabled

TW: emotional abuse, mentions of eugenics and abuse of disabled people

CW: This post may be difficult to read for those who have felt like a burden in relationships.

“Even though it’s really hard that you’re sick, I still love you.”

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For me, Answering “Why Didn’t you Leave Your Abuser Sooner?” is Simple. I was Disabled.

TW: This article features descriptions of emotional abuse, sexual coercion, ableism please practise self care when reading.

One of my clearest memories of abuse was when my cancer was still growing inside me, undiagnosed. I had a rash, and mono-like symptoms. I was on antibiotics. My boyfriend Luca and I were on a road trip in rural Utah.

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“How Disabled are you?” Queer Disabled and Looking for a Date

TW: This article features ableism, disability fetishism, biphobia and transphobia

I was fresh out of an almost 12-year relationship, I’d come out as queer and I was ready to fling myself headfirst into dating again. I hadn’t been on a date since the early 00’s, but how hard was this online dating thing really?

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Covid Vaccine Priority List Leaves Some Chronically Ill People in Limbo

TW: Medical fatphobia, medical neglect, eating disorder mention.

Note about language: The author of this piece uses the word “fat” to describe herself – reclaiming the word as it has been used against her in the past.

I get a free NHS flu jab. Which is apparently because my BMI (a bull measurement that was never meant to measure individuals but populations, and says nothing about your worth) is above a certain number – one which apparently makes eyes water and a nurse practitioner offer weekly weigh-ins to patients with eating disorder histories. But that’s a whole different article.

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I Don’t Want to be Grateful and Patient About Disability Rights

As we start a new year there is always buzz of energy around new possibilities, goals to be met and changes to make, but as a disabled person I am acutely aware that I’m going into 2021 fighting the same issues I have been all my life.

And I am tired.

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In a world that’s meant to be more inclusive, why are ADHD diagnoses still so inaccessible?

With ADHD usually being associated with hyperactive, “naughty” boys at school, the quiet girl with the book wasn’t exactly an ideal candidate.

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Welcome From The Editor

Hello and welcome to The Unwritten! We’re over the moon to be opening our doors today and start publishing content.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. I feel like it’s what my life has been building up to for the past ten years, but I don’t think 2010 fashion blogger Rach would believe you if you told her that in ten years time she’ll launch a platform for the disabled community.

But now, having been given the space to write about disability rights, I want to pass the mic over. The awful circumstances of this year have made me realise how vital it is that disabled people have a space to share their stories. Too often the only time you hear about disabled people is when it’s to inspire nondisabled people “this man with no legs ran a marathon, what’s stopping you?” or give them the warm fuzzies “look at this deaf woman hearing her baby cry!!”. Even worse is that a lot of the time the only way disabled writers can get published is when we plunge the depths of our trauma for clicks. And far too often we’re not fairly compensated for our work.

That’s where we come in. My dream is for The Unwritten to be somewhere where disabled people feel truly represented and see content that is actually written for them, not about them.

I hope that by launching The Unwritten I can make a positive change in how disabled people see themselves and are represented in media.

But more than anything, I want The Unwritten to be somewhere where you can tell your whole story, not an edited version. You don’t have to fit into a nice little box here, you are valid, no matter what.

Speak soon


Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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