Meet the Team

Rachel Charlton-Dailey Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Rachel looks at the camera, she is white with long red hair

Rachel is a freelance journalist specialising in disability and chronic illness. Her work regularly appears on Metro UK, HuffPost and Stylist. They founded The Unwritten after noticing a a lack of disabled stories that didn’t just focus on inspiration or trauma. When she’s not writing she can be found curled up with a good book or (slowly) chasing after her sausage dog Rusty somewhere in North East England. Their pronouns are she/they and won’t be offended by whichever you use.

Caroline McDonagh-Delves Deputy Editor

Caroline looks at the camera - she is white with blue eyes and red lips

Caroline is a writer of books, poems and articles – focused on disability, chronic physical and mental illness, and intersectional feminism. She identifies as lesbian, fat and working class, and shares in Rachel’s vision for The Unwritten. She’s also aiming to read 150 books each year, so that’s where she’ll be if you can’t get hold of her. She uses she/her pronouns.

Behold! The one half decent photo of the editorial team!

Rachel and Caroline face the camera in a slightly dark outdoor setting. They are both holding mugs from Manchester's Christmas markets in 2017. Caroline's hair is purple in this photo