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My Bipolar Pandemic: How The Frantic Energy of Lockdown Led to Diagnosis

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2020, I stood on a mountain looking down across a snowy world. The day was crisp and bright and beautiful, and around us I could hear men call their female friends and family to congratulate them on the holiday. I think of that as the last normal day.

Four days later, I was in class when a student asked about a recent news post and I checked my email. Presumed positive COVID-19 cases. The first in the country. All universities to be closed for three weeks.

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Medical Racism is Killing Black Women

TW: Racism, ableism, torture and slavery mentions

Have you ever felt like you were shouting at the top of your lungs, but no one around you can hear you? The year 2018 offered up more physical, mental and emotional pain than I never thought was possible. And some of it was at the fault of doctors who were not equipped to do their jobs.