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Boycotting Twitter is a Privilege Many Disabled People Don’t Have

Privilege isn’t always in the eye of the beholder, but we already knew that. It’s a hard, immutable fact that many non-disabled do not see their privilege.

They don’t see how their privilege allows them to navigate the world with ease and without concern, how the world itself, in every atom, every conceivable way, is built for them – that other sphere, that different world, is built for them too. In both worlds, tangible and intangible they wield power – they make the rules.   

The rest of us – the disabled, the discarded – are told to follow them. Because why wouldn’t we? What do we have to lose? Have we no shame? Our lives, after all, hold little value – and, therefore, wouldn’t be harmed or reduced by abstaining for that, sometimes, ill-defined, greater good.