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Jamie Oliver’s Food “Campaigning” Will hit Working Class Kids Hardest – yet Again

Trigger warning: This article contains discussion of eating disorders.

Ahh, Jamie Oliver. The Naked Chef. The school meals guy. The anti-Jack Monroe. Turning up at Downing Street with what is actually a pretty rubbish pun of “Eton Mess” because of a Boris U-Turn on legislation that would force supermarkets to not do 2 for 1 deals on junk food items. During a cost of living crisis.

You may remember Oliver from such spectacular cultural moments as that time he showed kids what was in chicken nuggets and then looked despondent when they said they’d all still eat them, and for his crusade against turkey twizzlers. Jamie first had an impact on my life way back in the mid-00s with his school dinners campaign, when 12-year-old me rocked up to find there would only be chips on one day each week.