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Disabled Women like Victoria’s Secret Model Sofia Jirau Don’t Need you to Protect Them

You don’t own disabled women. Reread it. 

You don’t own our bodies, minds, or choices – we are not plastic, inanimate Barbie dolls upon whom you can enforce your views and project your prejudices. 

You cannot preordain our life or career paths – our clothing choices. You cannot tell us we’re being exploited as you manipulate us. 

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Line of Duty’s Tommy Jessop is Leading the way for Actors With Down Syndrome

Line Of Duty is one of, if not the biggest fictional crime drama in the UK. It follows AC-12, an anti-corruption unit investigating unlawful activities within the police force and stars the likes of Vicky McClure and Martin Compston however those familiar with the television series will also know long-serving cast member Tommy Jessop.

Tommy plays civilian character Terry Boyle who throughout the six series has been a victim of cuckooing, a term used to describe when drug dealers invade the homes of vulnerable individuals for criminal activity.