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Pain Chronicles: The Real Reason why Disabled People Exercise Less

Pain Chronicles is a monthly(-ish) column from Caroline McDonagh-Darwin about coming to terms with living with a chronic illness. It will include funny stories and brutal honesty, with some thrown-in chats with her mum Shaz, and other friends too, along the way. 

One of the main guarantees of disabled life on the internet is being asked “Have you tried yoga?” I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been asked that question. 

In fact, if I had a pound for every time I’d been asked that I’d have too much money for the DWP to give me the disability benefits they don’t give me anyway. 

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A Guide to Safely Working Out with Epilepsy

TW: This article discusses exercise, body image and eating habits, as well as descriptions of having seizures.

It’s 2:30am. I feel the rustle of scratchy blankets and hear passing voices. I open my eyes, confused. Then, I remember. I’m in A & E. It’s Wednesday night and no one else is here.  The last thing I recall is getting back from a run and turning on the shower. After that? It’s all a bit of a blur. 

Then I remembered. I’d had a seizure, fallen back and hit my head.

The trigger? Going on a run. Not cool, epilepsy.