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Cerrie Burnell on Why Everyone Deserves to See Themselves in Fairytales

Ever since I was a little girl, my favourite thing to do was curl up with a good book. I gravitated towards fairytales and fantasy because I dreamt of being the adventurous heroine, though like most books I never saw myself represented in them as a disabled child. However, Cerrie Burnell’s newest offering aims to do just that.

Wilder than Midnight is “a bold and evocative new adventure novel from Cerrie Burnell, celebrating difference and found family.” It’s a retelling of Rapunzel, Snow White and Red Riding Hood all rolled into one with one of the main protaganists,Wild Rose, having a limb difference, just like Cerrie.

I was instantly drawn into this idea of fiesty girls and magic so was delighted to sit down with Cerrie over a cuppa on Zoom. What follows below was our conversation, edited for clarity.